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LEDs for a safe exit - continued

5-t10 DYODE 17 big

The status of each unit is constantly monitored and displayed as a green-for-go light on the underside, for instant monitoring of the entire system. Unlike previous standby-power systems each luminaire has independent backup power for a 3 hour duration, and automatically resets.


Site logistics manager David Tiddy, London Law firm said:

"Polaris have recently completed the install of energy lighting throughout 3 floors of our London Office.

We were particularly impressed with the LED 1.5w Emergency Fitting used. Due to the care of installation, neatness and only requiring a 50mm opening allowing the integral battery pack to easily pull out for maintenance. This work perfectly in our solid finished plaster areas such as lobbies and WCs.

The light output is exceptional. After a recent power shutdown, when works were completed on the buildings electrical supply, we had many positive comments on the new emergency lighting and the level of illumination throughout was exceptional.

I would highly recommend Polaris as they recommend their fittings they install, and the demo sample they sent to my office. They completed all the works at a high standard in the agreed time frame"


We chose a Dyode LED 3 hour non maintained fitting being only 50mm diameter. It is one of the smallest recessed LED fittings currently available.

By utilizing a specially developed LED driver and advanced thermal engineering techniques to dramatically reduce the LED operating temperature the light output level from the LED is guaranteed throughout the full 3-hour emergency duration, ensuring the life of the LED exceed 50,000 hours.

Having discussed the project with our client the LED down lighters satisfied all their considerations:

1.    Lighting output - excellent

2.    Clear emergency mode 'green' light

3.    Only 40mm 22 cut out

4.    Simple installation with the NI-MH battery pack which easily can pass
       through the 40mm 22 cut out, making it ideal for plaster ceilings

5.    Future maintenance made easy.




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